Portable Restroom Rentals

We provide portable restrooms with reliable service at competitive rates. Our portable restrooms come in different sizes that will meet and exceed all of your waste management needs and we guarantee timely drop off and pick up services.

Our portable restrooms can be delivered with accompanying hand wash or hand sanitizer stations and can be used for speacial events, construction sites, disaster relief, weddings or whatever your needs may be. Check out our restrooms below for more information!


Lift Kit Portable Restroom
Designed to be craned to the top of high-rise construction projects

Handicap-Accessible Portable Restroom
Designed for easy, convenient access — ADA Compliant

Half-High Portable Restroom
Designed to fit inside elevators for high-rise construction projects

Standard Portable Restroom
Designed for use on the job site, yet elegant enough for your special event

Trailer Kit Portable Restroom
Designed to be hauled behind a truck for road and bridge crews


Why choose MMG Portable Restrooms?

MMG offers the best in services and the newest units in the DFW area. Our audit managers daily monitor the level of service provided by our professional drivers. Our drivers are responsible for scrubbing the units for cleanliness and we have the fastest turn-around time for deliveries, removals and service calls. The cleanliness and freshness of the units on your jobsite or event grounds is our priority.

Because we are committed customer service, we are known for the quality of our work and the level of service we provide. Management is out constantly visiting sites to ensure you are happy and to receive feedback to keep improving on the current standards that are already implemented. Our fleet of service vehicles are equipped with the latest Routing Software to ensure prompt and routine servicing of your portable restrooms, wherever they may be!