Hand Wash Station Rentals

MMG's portable hand wash stations come in a granite finish that hides scratches and scuffs. In addition, our hand wash stations offer the cleanliness of a hands-free foot pump, which can be located in an alcove — eliminating exposure to foot traffic.

These wash stations offer dual soap dispensers, as well as oversized paper towel dispensers for convenience. The best part? Gray water collects inside a separate vessel inside the wash station — so you never have to worry about disposal!

Portable Hand Sanitizer Stands

Our portable hand sanitizer stands are free-standing, moveable sanitizer stations that can be place anywhere they're needed. They feature a sturdy, tapered design, which is ideally suited for high-traffic areas. Plus, they dispense evaporating hand sanitizer that your employees or guests will love.

Your portable hand-sanitizer stands get the same service that we provide to our Porta Potty Rentals, with service at least once a week to clean, refresh and restock the supply or additional services can be done upon request.