Portable Restroom Rental FAQs

How many portable restrooms do I need for my job site that has 55 workers?

According to American National Standards Institute you’ll need 6 portable restrooms if all workers maintain an eight hour work day, and 40 hours a week. Call MMG today and we can tell you exactly what your needs will be.

How many portable restroom units do I need for my outdoor event?

The first determinant is the number of guests that are in attendance. For example, if your event will have 250 people for 5 hours, you’ll need 3 portable restrooms. As the attendance and the durations of the event increase, so will the number of portable restrooms. Also, the serving of alcohol increases the units required by 13%.

Restroom trailers are in high demand, how soon should I book my trailer in advance?

Even though MMG has a fleet of 11 brand new restroom trailers, it’s never too early to secure your trailer for your event. Call us today to check availability.

How soon can MMG deliver my portable restroom units to my job site?

MMG delivers all of units by the end of the next day when scheduled. We’ve found that fast, professional service is what most contractors want so we make it a priority to get you what you need on a timely basis.

Does MMG offer same day service?

Yes, MMG can deliver portable restroom units to your job site on a same day service basis.

What if I already have portable restrooms and they need to be serviced immediately, does MMG offer emergency service?

Yes, in all cases MMG can usually divert one driver from his appointed route to accommodate your needs on an emergency basis.

What is the service area for MMG’s portable restrooms?

MMG serves the greater DFW Metroplex, from Rockwall to Weatherford and from Denton to Alvarado, and virtually all points in between. We have over 13 pump trucks and well over 2,600 portable restrooms, so no matter where you’re located and what your needs are, MMG can serve your company with first rate service.

How will I know if my restrooms will remain clean?

MMG has lead drivers that perform daily audits. Everyday MMG lead drivers are assigned a route to track to ensure MMG’s quality of standards are met. The audits are random and the drivers are unaware of the day they will be audited. This allows us to have the driver accountable for their route and service.

In addition, MMG utilizes a matrix that rates and provides valuable feedback for our drivers on a daily basis. By using a matrix to judge performance we motivate and reward our drivers for their hard work! They are reviewed on cleanliness, consistency of time frames as well as communication. MMG does this to retain the best drivers in the industry because they know they are rewarded for their success. It also allows management the ability to work closely with each employee to improve on the service we provide to our customers.